Cannot log in to Designer on Backup Gateway

My master Ignition gateway failed, and while I can launch the designer from the backup gateway, when I try to login, I get denied. How can I login using the backup gateway?

Also, how can I change the redundant backup gateway server to the master gateway server if I cannot access the master? It says I cannot make changes from the backup?


You cain’t make design changes on the redundant server, as per the design:

“The master node maintains the official version of the system configuration. All changes to the system must be made on the master- the gateway on the backup will not allow you to edit properties. Similarly, the designer will only connect to the master node.”

(from Online Help)

Thanks adamaustin, that is absolutely correct!

Ok, then how do I switch the redundant server over to the master if the master is inaccessible?


If you have the redundancy recovery mode set to manual then you can go to the master servers Ignition Gateway Homepage, select Configure and on the Configure Status Page you should see a link that will allow you to make the Master node active.