Cannot make changes with Table Component

I have been getting what I think should be a simple solution, but is just beyond my sight. I tried searching the forums but didn’t see anything.
I set up some scripts to delete things from a table component, and I set the table columns as editable so that double clicking can change a value of one of the cells. I know that these are working because I see the changes take place. . . for a second, then they return back to as they were.
I was wondering what could prevent the table component from being able to make changes/ have write privileges (yes, I am using designer in Read- write mode)
If I left out any crucial details please let me know, I left out what exactly I’m doing because I did not see that it was relevant.

Check the polling mode for the table. If it is not OFF, then the data will refresh itself.

Sorry for not responding since now, I’ve been gone since Thursday. Yes I have polling on, are you implying that a change to the table component does not make a change to the database itself, if so, is there an option/ method to do so, because I don’t see one.
Thanks for your help.

Datasets are immutable and require their own method to handle data modification.
Updating the database from a dataset is yet another topic.

Here is a link to the manual, it is very useful when learning how to use Ignition: … /ignition/

1.) Search for ‘Working with different datatypes’ and review ‘Altering Datasets’
2.) Search for ‘Creating an Editable Table in Ignition’- this will explain the cell edited event with sql update.

Thank you again Mark, your help has been once again very useful and informative.