Cannot register or login at

Trying to log in from the (Ignition Documentation) site (

After clicking the (Log in) link (see attached png image) a login screen is displayed. The problem is that I do not have ‘an existing login’ for the documentation site and cannot find an option to register or sign up at

Can anyone tell me if the ‘Log in’ (see upper right corner of attached png file) works for them?

I’m not sure it’s supposed to work for you. That’s not a publicly editable confluence instance.

Possibly that ‘Log in’ option is a bit of a decoy, meant to simply distract people or something? I don’t understand?

It’s for IA employees to log in and edit the documentation site. It’s built on a piece of software called Confluence, I’m not sure we can hide that button from the top or not.

If you’re self hosted you can… I wrote the docs for my MES in AC… lol

Thanks for the link! I’ll take a look at that.

In the mean time, I can hide it via CSS, hopefully to prevent further confusion.

I could of sworn some of the documentation used to have what looked like user comments on it. Someone please tell me I’m not imagining that :sweat_smile:

There was a beta login (doesn’t work anymore) but I don’t recall editing.

Nope, you’re not imagining that. We used to have that enabled in all the manuals, but decided to disable it.

Those comments were anonymous, so we ended up getting posts where folks were trying to get help using Ignition or following along with an example. Because we didn’t have their contact information, we could not reach out to them directly to troubleshoot the issue.

We responded where we could, but the whole experience felt like a lesser version of our forums here. Thus, the comments sections went away.

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