Cannot remove a window from startup

Trying to start a project from a 7.9 backup, I seem unable to change the startup windows.

Apparently, that gets encoded in the resources.json file now, and once true, it always reloads that file before saving, so never sets it to false again.

This is happening on a Linux server (Ubuntu 18.04 via docker). I checked the file rights, and the user should have write access to it.

After some trying, and even using a windows-based gateway,

I don’t get any vision screen launched in the client either.

I think this was fixed yesterday and uploaded last night (b2019020602)

Hmm, there’s another fix related to Open on Startup pending merge, so it may or may not actually be fixed in last night’s build.

The fix in the current nightly allows you to set the open on startup property correctly, but may cause you to lose changes if you have the window you’re modifying currently open. The fix for that issue is the one that hasn’t yet been merged in that Kevin was referring to.

EDIT: The fix has now been merged and will go into the next nightly build.