Cannot run reporting module in 8.0 trial version?

Currently running Ignition 8.0.6.

I am trying to schedule a report, but nothign comes out when I click run now. My app isn’t producing reports like it was in 7.9 (currently using the trial version of 8.0 though).

I just made a very simple test report and tried saving it a folder on my desktop from the designer, using the scheduler and run now option, and nothing appears.

Does the reporting module not work in the trial version of 8.0?

The reporting module is 5.0.6 according to the about section of designer.

Yes, the reporting module should run in trial just fine.

Does the gateway machine have access to your designer machine’s desktop? That could be one reason why you aren’t seeing anything. Check the logs for errors, and also try putting the reporting.Data logger on debug.

Where would I set reporting.Data to debug? In the Diagnostics window of a client or somewhere in the gateway?

The gateway. All the report processing is done on the gateway.

I’m not seeing any errors pop up in my logs. I also tried a try: except: and log the error if there was any, but still nothing.

I made a plain report with just a single text label and tried to save it as a pdf with the scheduler, did a run it now, and nothing is appearing.

Not sure what is going wrong.

I had the wrong logger on, I just set the reporting.Data one on, but it says everything is going fine -

I have this running in a sendMesssage script from client to gateway, so this should be in C:\Ignition Reports on my gateway, however it is not there. I checked my Ignition reports folder on my client as well just in case but also it is not there. Not sure where to go from here.

I would expect some more log messages after the “Complete file name” message. Those would be helpful.

I tried again and this is all that appears. You can ignore Regex log, thats a custom one.

No logs appear after complete file name.

Your picture only has things that happen before the “Complete file name” message, so it’s not helpful. (Remember the log is in reverse-chronological order). Looking at the code, I can’t see how the method can exit without at least one more debug-level log entry.

You can filter down to just the logger you want and just the report you want by using the filters and MDC keys. Check out the docs for how to do that.

Those logs were all the logs that appeared when the report was made, nothing more. There was no more logs after “Complete file name”.

See here -

11:34 was the last time I made a report.

I did reinstall Ignition, importing my project, and I was able to make a report fine. If I could get it fixed that would be fine otherwise I can just reimport projects etc to the fresh install.

I figure you guys might want to see this in action. Something obviously is going wrong, but it’s hard to tell what from my end.

Can you contact support? They have the ability to poke around at this. Thanks.