Cannot see Ignition OPC-UA Server in designer

Hello - I would appreciate anyone’s advice here! I am trying to get our evaluation version of Ignition to connect to Modbus TCP via the built-in Ignition OPC-UA Server.

I am able to connect to the controller successfully via OPC-UA SERVER-Devices, and I know the controller is accessible since I can view coils, etc. from a different scanner.

When I go to designer to try to access the controller, my problem is I cannot see the Ignition OPC-UA Server in designer. Only an OPC-DA server I set up a while back is visible.

I did try resetting the gateway, but this did not help. Is there something I’m missing here? Please advise if anyone has any ideas!!

Is it possible you’ve disabled the built-in OPC-UA server on gateway web page under Configure -> OPC Connections -> Servers? You can enable/disable after tapping Edit button next to the server.

Thank you for your reply! Actually I just figured it out…

The problem was I didn’t understand that the Ignition OPC-UA server needs to also be defined as a server under OPC connections… Once I did that I was able to get things working great!

BTW the documentation is very clear about how to set this up but finding the correct information was a little difficult. A lot of information is easily found on setting up Modbus connections, defining tag ranges, etc. but you have to dig a bit to get to the part which mentions tying the OPC-UA server to the OPC connections/server configuration. Mahalo for your help!

That could certainly be improved, but its absence means you deleted the connection to begin with. The gateway starts up with a “loopback” connection to the server already defined.

Totally possible as I have been evaluating this SW for a while and may have deleted the connection early on before I understood more fully what I was doing. Again thanks to all in the community for their feedback!