Cannot see my tags under my OPC browser

Hello fellows!

By any chance, have any of guys have lost your tags in the when browsing for them through opc redlion device. I was able to see them ealier when i added another my list is not longer showing. See attached.

I have tried restarting the gateway. I also delete that tag but still can't see my tags. In addition, i have been getting an error "Read Timeout".

You'll probably need Ignition logs and a Wireshark capture to diagnose.

From what I've seen via our support channel, the OPC server in the RedLion devices is, uh... poorly implemented.


this is the most recent log i got " Subscription transfer failed, id=9713, status=StatusCode{name=Bad_SubscriptionIdInvalid, value=0x80280000, quality=bad}"

That's a pretty common warning to see upon reconnecting to a server - it just means we were unable to transfer old subscriptions to the new session, and new ones will have to be created.

You may want to open a support ticket to work on this so they can collect logs and capture files from you.

thank you, I'll do.

Kevin these were the actions taken to solve the problem:
disabled the old OPCUA connection and create a duplicate one

this allowed us to browse the tags in the designer

we should test if we can read. write and subscribe to tags form the OPCUA server from the quickclient

try using [system.opc.readValue() and system.opc.browse() to see if we can get tag data from the designer