Cannot see some PLC tags on Tag 'Browse Devices', AND error when adding as OPC tag via import

I’m working with PLC tags, physically connected to the PLC, and I’m not seeing some of them when trying to add to the project (gateway) via ‘Browse Devices’. So, I try to add them ‘manually’ instead, via a JSON import and I’m getting a Value ‘bad’, ‘Error writing to’.
I can see the tags in Logix Designer , Controller tags fine. I can’t see any obvious differences from these to tags I can see OK. I can get additional processor revision/detailed information that might be helpful. I’ve worked with several other of our PLC programs, and this is the first time I’ve run across this, so something different here. Thanks.

Are there any errors in the Ignition gateway logs? What is the datatype of the tag you can’t see in the OPC browser? What firmware version is the PLC?

  1. Nothing in the error logs that appear to be related to this problem. I’ve haven’t been in there before, so not positive. 2. BOOL. 3. 32.011

Okay, bool arrays have a bit of a quirky appearance in the Logix driver, so maybe that’s all you’re seeing here. It’s talked about here in the manual, but basically bool arrays are really just arrays of DWORD in the controller and the driver exposes them as such (unfortunate oversight long ago).

Yup… That’s it. After quick fixing/testing, that does it, so now just a matter of creating them in a JSON and importing. Thanks.