Cannot select control in/on a Tab Container

In the Ignition designer . . .

I put controls on separate Tabs in a Tab Container but am not able to select the individual controls. Attempting to select these controls (with the mouse) gives the impression of the Tab Container itself is being selected instead of the control I selected with the mouse.

Using the Project Browser, right-clicking the control and selecting (Deep Select) seems to do the same as described above, it either selects the Tab Container (if the control is on the current tab) or (when the desired control is on a separate Tab) a (Deep Select) it seems to grey out the entire Tab Container making it look disabled if that makes sense.

A Tab Container with many controls on the different tabs seems difficult to work with, know which control is selected, etc. I’m wondering if I’m doing something wrong or possibly if there is an easier way to work with the controls in a Tab Container?

The link below states (Only one component can be displayed in each tab)
I think this might be what was throwing me for a loop±+Tab+Container

If you drop a flex container, on one of the tabs for example, then you can add more components into that container.

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