Cannot sent email alarm notification

I can’t send email alarm notifications.
Notification profile is configured like that.
I’m using Google smtp server.
In Google account, external aplications access is enabled.

Log diagnostic is this one:

Is there any possible solution?

Try it with port 465 instead

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If you’re on a fairly recent version of Ignition, there should be an advanced option in the SMTP profile settings where you can define which ciphers will be acceptable for the handshake. It’s up to you to determine what your SMTP server expects/requires.

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Thank hoy so much.
Seems to be working right now.
Creating a SMTP profile fix the problem.


I have configured the alarm pipeline and two way notification settings. I am getting an Email with Alarm Ack link.

Some thing like this "https://Server:Port/web/ack/bRz2q3ldCj0OxSxa2OFqggB7R3In2xAjTDMR0MBfBua2 "

When I click on link and it opened in the browser, below error showing.

If I remove the “s” from “https://” then the link open properly without error. Is there any settings to decide whether this link should be http:// or https://.

Thanks in advance !

Found ! :no_mouth:

You really, really should not be exposing Ignition on the internet without https. Really.

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