Cannot start the designer after an update to Ignition 8

Hello there,

I’m new into forum and trying to find out how to setup Ignition 8 from a mayor upgrade from 7.9.
It seems like a miss configuration is making Ignition search the gateway at the wrong URL address.
Cannot open designer nor vision clients after upgrade.
I wish to know if there is any shortcut before completely unistall.



I would check to make sure the vision clients and the designer launcher are updated to the new versions. The clients and designers for 7.9 don’t work with 8.0.

You should be able to add a new gateway to the designer launcher with the correct address by using the button shown in the screenshot below.

Hi grietveld,

Thanks for that, I’m afraid I entered a bad gateway url address.
That screen is not showing anymore. Only an Error popup appears: “Cannot connect to the Gateway”
Wondering how to solve this mess.

You most likely have a “default application” set.
Look on your file system in .ignition/clientlauncher-data/designer-launcher.json under global.default.application. If you have anything there, please edit the value to be an empty String ("").

  "global": {
    "default.application": "",

Save the changes, and then try opening the Designer Launcher again.

Thank you! That works

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