Cannot Uninstall Module

Hi Guys,
I have a couple of modules installed that I was testing (Production, OEE Downtime, and Schedule). I now want to uninstall these modules so the project will run without the Trial Time.
When I go to the Configure->Modules page and uninstall them, it seems to work. The problem is that when I restart the gateway the modules reappear and the Trial Time starts again.
Is there any other way to remove these modules?

Can you let us know what version of Ignition this is happening with so we can fix it? (OS and Java version might be helpful, too.)

To work around this, go to your Ignition folder on your hard drive and navigate to user-lib/modules . Remove the offending files (you can just move them somewhere else if you want to reinstall them later), and restart the gateway.

Are they really uninstalled? We had this situation recently when a programing error caused a thread to ignore the time to die signal. The module would disappear from the list, but the threads list would still show the misbehaving threads.

Thanks for your feedback.
I gave up and re-installed ignition. It now works.