Cannot write to folder

Hi, with the ignition project im working on right now, i keep getting the error
“Error writing to tag”
“Cannot write to folder”

The details tab is grayed out and i cannot find the source of this error, i have checked wrapper.log and gcu.log and there is no error relating to this in there.

A bit of a late reply but somewhere you are trying to write to a folder instead of an actual tag. Maybe you are building a dynamic tag path somewhere and getting a null value for the tag name.


No, it was an actual tag, that had been working “for ages” (read 2+ years).
I did a GW backup from production server, and took a copy of the mssql database.
imported all locally.

Dont know what the actual problem was, but it solved it self somehow. I think i rebooted my computer (and thus the GW), no code what changed from the error above, to it working.