Cannot Write to Tag in the PLC

I am unable to write to an Integer tag or a boolean value. I have my permissions set properly, Comm Read/Write in the Project and the Tag Properties are also set to Read/Write also. In addition, my PLC tag is also set to read/write. Below is the error that shows up in the console.

I can see the values in the Tag Browser fine.
Thank you for any suggestions to check/verify.

Assuming this is a tag from Ignition’s own OPC Server, what kind of tag from what kind of PLC / driver is this? Are there any errors in the gateway logs?

This is an Ignition OPC Integer tag that is coming from a AB Compact Logix Integer tag using the AB Logix Driver. We have an existing working system and I am creating an application to modify a count.
We have a licensed Gateway that we run our apps on and Trial Gateway that we test apps on.
Currently I am using the Trial Gateway and I am unable to write to those tags. Would there be a conflict if the tags were on both gateways? I can modify those values manually in the Licensed gateway (Tag Browser) but not on the trial gateway (Bad_Read Only)

Hope that makes sense.

Any chance your OPC UA connection is configured to be read only?

I can’t think of where else that might be coming from other than tag permissions if not this.

It looks like it is set OK. I have version 8.06

That’s not the right page. Look under OPC Client > OPC Connections

There it is. Thank you sir. I couldn’t figure that out and I thought I had checked everywhere…