Cann't browse the Tag when connect the winccV7.3 OPCUA server

Wincc opcua server and Ignition are on different computers, connected to different networks, and they connect via a VPN.It is displayed as “CONNECTED” on “OPC Connections” of the web, but you cannot browse Tags on Designer.On the log of Ignition tips “Exception caught: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host”. How to solve this problem

This error message means the server is closing the connection for some reason.

It might help if you can get a Wireshark capture, but from what I’ve seen in other threads and with other customers the WinCC OPC UA server is not a good piece of software.

Hi Kevin.Herron. I don’t know how to use Wireshark capture. I think it is maybe the Network reasons. I am try to add the Tag by manual on Designer, and it can connect the Tags. But it still can’t automatically browse the Tags.

You might need to try turning the Max Per Operation down like in this post: Unable to browse tags using Siemens WinCC v 15