Canonical to remove Sun Java from Ubuntu

Seems to be an important notice on Ubuntu systems… automatic updates will remove the Sun-Java packages from Ubuntu versions 10.04+ soon…

The plan from the Ubuntu folks is that the OpenJDK/JRE packages will be the officially supported java implementation, although I seem to remember reading on this forum recently that Ignition isn’t exactly compatible… Sounds like Ignition users and developers will need to do a manual fetch of the Java packages direct from Oracle.

OpenJDK 7 is supposed to be the standard reference now for all Java implementations, including Oracle’s. So Ignition should be compatible with OpenJDK 7. To be sure, we are going to start testing Ignition using OpenJDK 7, and if all goes well, it will become the standard Java package dependency for Ignition installations thru the repositories. You can still use Sun Java 6 with Ignition using 3rd-party repositories, but who knows how much longer those will last.