Can't access gateway after reboot

Digging up this old topic, I have a similar problem. After installation, the gateway works fine, but after restarting Windows 10, I lose connectivity with the gateway. The only solution I have found so far is a re-install of Ignition, but of course a reboot kills the link, and that’s not a practical solution anyway.

We’ll need to see the wrapper.log for this gateway, can you upload/attach it?

wrapper.log (325.4 KB)

It looks like the JVM is taking longer than expected to initialize on startup, although I’m not really sure why that is. Is this a VM? If so, what are the specs?

Try changing the startup type of the Ignition Gateway service to “Automatic (Delayed Start)” and see if that helps.

This is an old core 2 duo I wanted to use as a remote server for my own learning purposes. It’s no Ferrari haha. I figured it’s last purpose in life would be this. I’ll try your fix, and if it won’t go, no worries, I’ll move on with other hardware. Thx!

Edit: Works now.:slight_smile:

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I have problems starting the server after restart my computer

wrapper.log (427.1 KB)

Did you try changing the service to Automatic (delayed start) as suggested above?

I have not, how to change it?

I got it running using the batch file

Tap start menu icon, type "services’, open Services, find Ignition, open properties, and change from Automatic to Automatic delayed start.

Hey thanks guys that work fine.