Cant access to boolean array bit indirectly

Hello people, simple question from a noob designer.

Can i access to single values of tag arrays indirectly? im trying with boolean arrays and cant seem to work.
context : im using single byte from siemens as boolean array to check individual bits values so i just have a single tag for each 8 values. but i have a few o these boolean arrays so im trying to build a chart and show them indirectly via cell update binding. i have more than 50 charts like this but its my first time using array tags, is it posible?

Array tags should only be used when you are going to use the whole array as a single value. If you need individual access, you generally should be making separate tags. The tag is the normally the smallest practical unit that can be written. (There are some exceptions with particularly capable OPC servers.)

Seems legit to me. I split the tag into single booleans, thank you