Can't add Data Type Instance to last Data Type Structure

The Tag Editor window will not allow adding a Data Type Instance into a Data Type Structure when the Data Type Structure has an applied name that sorts last in the SQLTags Browser.

Steps to reproduce:
[li]1 - Create a new Data Type (UDT) and name it anything (say “a”, and click Apply, the Tag Editor Data Type Structure window closes (ideally, it would stay open on Apply, and only close with OK, as it will if you were to reopen it and rename the Data Type and click Apply).[/li]
[li]2 - Create another new Data Type, name it something that will put it at the end of the Data Types list (say “zzz”–it must be the last item listed under Data Types in the SQLTags Browser), and click Apply (editor closes as in previous step).[/li]
[li]3 - Reopen Data Type “zzz” (or whatever your last Data Type listed is named) and try to add a Data Type Instance under Data Type Structure. The menu item Data Type Instance is there, but does not show mouseover and cannot be selected. (All of the other member types that may be added show mouseover and can be selected as usual.)[/li][/ul]
And then it gets stranger:
[li]4 - Create another Data Type named so it will come after the data type created in step 2 (say “zzz2”). Click Apply.[/li]
[li]5 - Reopen data type created in step 2 (“zzz”). You can now add Data Type Instances to it as usual.[/li]
[li]6 - Reopen Data Type created in step 4 (“zzz2”). It now exhibits the strange behaviour last seen in step 3.[/li][/ul]

As far as I can tell, this behaviour always occurs when trying to add a Data Type Instance into the last Data Type listed in the SQLTag Browser. So you can work around it by creating a dummy Data Type with a name that sorts last, allowing you to add Data Type Instances to all Data Types before it, as expected.

Note that this behaviour does NOT occur BEFORE clicking OK or APPLY when creating a new data type; it only occurs AFTER a name has been applied to the data type and the name sorts last in the listed Data Types in the SQLTags Browser.

[color=#008000]Ignition Version & OS:
Ignition 7.6.3 (b2013090513) | 64-bit running on Windows 7 64-bit[/color]


Thanks for the details steps to reproduce. When building that menu, it was very simply erroring out on the last item of the list. It has been fixed for 7.6.4, and as you noted, it can be avoided by simply having a dummy type named such that it will be the last item.


You’re welcome, Colby. It took me a bit to figure out why it wasn’t working. Thanks for fixing it!