Can't browse Controllogix tags

I’m using Ignition in the trial mode still. I succesfully created a demo app at one of your plant sites using RSLinx remote OPC server. I’m currently at another plant and trying to create a demo app here. We have the same configuration, RSLinx Gateway running on a Server. I can connect to it fine. We have several topics created. Some referencing PLC-5s and others to Controllogix L61’s. I’m attempting to create some SQLTags, when I browse the OPC Servers, I can see all the topics on the remote server and am able to view addressess within the PLC5 topics, but when trying to browse a topic pointing to a Controllogix, the online folder displays nothing. I fired up an RSView32 program and it accesses this same topic on the remote server with no problem. Any ideas? Thanks, Jon

What version of Ignition do you have? Do you get an error when browsing the ControlLogix?

I just downloaded the latest today to see what would happen. I deleted my topics and started from scratch with a new project as well. I now get a timeout error when trying to browse the tags.

Ok, well that is a known issue right now for large ControlLogix programs. We have the ticket submitted and it should be fixed soon.

Is there a tentative release date for this?