Can't Call function in tag value changed

Hi can i ask your expertise on this. i’m trying to call a function from my project script on value changed of my boolean tag. using the script console, it is working. But in value changed of my tag won’t worked.

    lotPath = "[.]../../../General/Lot"
hostName = "[.]../../../Hostname"
frequencyPath="[.]../Configuration/Monitoring Frequency"

endDate =

if currentValue.value is True:
	#Call the uph function from the project script
	project.test.alerts.uph(lot, handler, endDate, frequency, force=False)

Tags aren’t in a project, so their events cannot call project scripts, only shared scripts (v7.x), or scripts in the Global Scripting Project (v8).

Consider using Gateway Tag Change Events (in the project) instead of Tag Events (part of the the tag).

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