Can't change "page fit mode" property on PDF Viewer

Can’t change “page fit mode” property on PDF Viewer… just keeps going back to “none”. Other properties seem to be acting correctly.

I just ran into this same issue. i tracked it down to the file path for the PDF pointing to a location that doesnt exist. The project im working on is for a customer and they have files in a shared location for their employees but as a contractor i cannot access them. When i bring up a pdf on my computer and view the page in the designer i can alter the fit mode. but as soon as i change it back to the proper path and reload the screen i can no longer change the property. i think this might be a bug.

I ran into this also. I had my file path as a binding to a tag. when the tag did not have a valid path I was unable to change the fit mode. All I had to do was manually enter a valid file path, change the fit mode, and save. Whenever the binding updated the file path, the fit mode was applied as saved without issue.