Can't Clear Changed Alarm

We had an alarm that had the alarm name of 10 Mix Tank Leak/Low (Figure. 1). This displayed as ‘Low’ on the alarm status table, which might be a bug of its own. Recognizing that using a ‘/’ character in the name of a programming element was a terrible choice, I changed the name of the alarm to something more suitable. Now, however, the alarm refuses to clear, even though the tag it’s tied to has transitioned out of the alarm condition. How can I clear this alarm and get it off the alarm status table?

Figure 1. Relevant alarm configuration

Figure 2. Alarm status table display
Ignition Version: 8.1.17

You probably need to acknowledge, check Ack Mode - which is right below Display Path, my guess is that it is set to manual.

Ack mode is set to manual, but when the footer is enabled, the Acknowledge button is grayed out. I had a conversation with Support. They suggested I stop the gateway, delete %Install Directory%/data/alarms_######, then restart the gateway. I’ll try that next weekend and see if it helps.

Do any alarms allow acknowledge? If not, check extension function isAcknowledgeEnabled.

The extension function doesn’t seem to be enabled. I assume, based on the image, that the default behavior is to return True.

It is, you could also try setting the alarm high again. Otherwise yeah I guess wait and restart.

I did this today while we were down and it solved the problem.

Just checked the gateway.
This file name has a . in front of this alarm name
like ".alarms_xxxxx".
Is it right?

Yes. The filename on my system is .alarms_1665927103842.

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