Can't connect AL 1352 to ignition platform

I have been trying to connect my IO link device (AL 1352) to the ignition but it’s not working. Someone told me that the link device is using MQTT protocol and I need to find a driver on ignition which supports that. Can someone tell me what driver that would be? Also, what should I specify for port number?
Thank you

You need an MQTT broker for Ignition and the device to connect through. Cirrus Link’s Distributor module for Ignition can do this part if the device is local to your Ignition instance. Then your Ignition instance needs to subscribe to the broker. Cirrus Link’s Engine module will do this part. Then you need to configure both device and Engine to work through the same topic.

Cirrus Link’s modules can be found here:

If you don’t want to spend on MQTT, that device also has a REST API, which you could access via jython scripting. That would be a lot of trouble.