Can't connect to the DSData OPC/DDE Server

What type OPC server should i choose?
How should i adjust ignition to make the connection with DSData?


It depends on which OPC protocol DSData uses. Most likely it is OPC-DA which is COM based. If so, you can connect using the OPC-COM module of Ignition. Go into the Ignition Gateway Configuration and select OPC Connections -> Servers. There you can add a new one by selecting the DA COM type. If Ignition does not recognize the server automatically you can select Other Server and type in the PROGID or CLSID manually.

If the program is OPC-UA go through the same steps as the DA but select OPC-UA as the type. You can use the how-to on Kepware as a guide which is located in the news section of our website under How-Tos.

Hope this helps.

DSdata is an OPC-DA 2.05 communication server used with Automation Direct PLCs. We used this driver in the past but replaced it with Kepware Direct years ago. The latest version of Kepware Direct just came out and is only $399. Another choice is if you are using an Ecom 100, you can use the built in IA Modbus driver. If you can’t get it working soon, I still have a copy of DSdata that I could setup and maybe help out with some pointers.

Good luck

Hello, Travis.Cox.
Thanks for your help.
Ignition did not recognize the server automatically, i selected Other Server and typed in the CLSID manually and then i’ve got the message: COM object method returns error code: 0x80080005;
What does it means and how to solve that problem.
Thanks in advance.


I believe this error is a problem with your DCOM security settings. Check out the attached document to see if it helps you out.Troubleshooting_OPC_and_DCOM.pdf (794 KB)

It doesn’t work anyway.
Is it possible to import data to ignition through the DDE?
How to link the SQL tags with the DDE topics?


I believe kepware/matrikon have a dde to opc driver.

Maybe it is possible to use the phyton (internal ignition language) for DDE?

Nope. DDE just doesn’t play well with Java (and by extension, Jython - our scripting language). Your best bet is to use the Kepware DDE opc driver.