Can't Create New Rosters with Roster Component

Hey guys,

The new On-Call Roster component won’t allow me to create new rosters for some reason. I can create new rosters from the gateway configuration page but not in the component. Also, if I do create a new roster on the gateway configuration page I can’t see it in the component unless I log off and log back in because there is no way to refresh the roster list.

I thought this was working in the beta, but it seems to not be working in the 7.6 release. FYI.

I have been playing around with this for a little bit this morning. I have been reassured by the developers that the On-Call Roster component did not have the ability to create a new roster. You will only be able to do this inside the gateway.

As for the refresh, I have tested this and see your concern. I have made a ticket to have the function “refreshRosterList()” added to the component.

Thanks! the refreshRosterList() works great. This makes it much easier to get new rosters set up. Much appreciated!