Can't find Bit level address when adding a new tag

I am fairly new to Ignition but I have been working with it off and on for the last few months. We have installed a new pump and I was going to add it into ignition, but when I search for the tag it is not in the SQL Tags drop down. I then was going to add a new tag, but when I drill down to the address in the choose OPC Item window I only see the address to the Word level. Thank you.

We only browse down to the word level. That way the browse is fast and isn’t confusing with a lot of tags. However, you can still address down to the bit level by modifying the OPC item path on the tag. You will have separate tags for each bit you want to address.

First drag in the tag you want to get a bit out of into the SQLTags browser. Right click and edit the tag and find the OPC item path on the general tab. With most of our drivers you can add the following to your tag to address bits:[DeviceName]Path/To/Tag.3You can put a .# at the end to get any bit. Make the data type of the tag a boolean and that’s it. Let us know if you have any more questions.