Can't find correct tag

I am having trouble getting a motor start stop pop up screen to work. I think that I do not have the correct tag path set. My PLC address is RACK_3:0:I.7 and I drill down to build a new tag and the closest tag I can find is RACK_3:I.Data.Data[0]. Then I type a .7 on the end. Is this the wrong address? Should I just type in “RACK_3:0:I.7”? This is a Control Logix tag and we have Version 7.5.0.

Using the OPC browser, drill down the the closest address and drag it to the tag browser. To change the tag to read a bit instead of a word, edit the tag and add the .(dot) bit number to the end and change the data type to Boolean.


All this being said, you cannot write to inputs. The state of inputs come from the input module.

I maybe wasn’t clear on what I have going on. I have two inputs for motor status, ready and running, and two outputs for start and stop. On my start screen both the start stop and status indicators show a tag symbol with a red x. There is some scripting that is done for launching the motor start/stop pop up when you click on the motor. We are using the same script on other motors and it works ok. I changed the tag in the script for my new motor. Here is the script.

#Motor control launch script

myequip = ‘Zinc Column Bypass Pump’
mymotor = ‘M-SP165’
myready = ‘ML/Motors/’ + mymotor + ‘-READY’
myrunning = ‘ML/Motors/’ + mymotor + ‘-RUNNING’
mystart = ‘ML/Motors/’ + mymotor + ‘-START’
mystop = ‘ML/Motors/’ + mymotor + ‘-STOP’
system.nav.openWindow(‘ML/MotorControlTraditional’, {‘equip’ : ‘

’+myequip, ‘motor’ : mymotor, ‘ready’ : myready, ‘running’ : myrunning, ‘start’ : mystart, ‘stop’ : mystop})

So you’re passing those parameters into a window, and those indicators in that window are bound to the custom properties those parameters are passed to, is that correct? Did you verify that the tagpath for the OPC you’re referencing in the script/bindings matches the “OPC Item Path” property of the tag in the SQLTags browser?

You are correct. I am afraid I built the tags wrong or have the wrong address. I have made other tags before and have not ran across this problem. This instance I could not find an exact matching tag name in the OPC tag editor drop down list, so I wonder if I have an incorrect address. It was the closest match, but not exact.

Let me back up a second - are you directly referencing the tag on the OPC device, or are you just trying to access the tag in Ignition? If you already brought in the OPC tag into Ignition via the OPC Browser, then you just need to reference it’s tag path in the Ignition SQLTags Browser folder structure (“tag_provider]path/to/tag”). In that case, you’ll want to make sure that you’re referencing the correct tag provider and the relative tag path within Ignition’s SQLTags Browser. A good place to test that you have the correct tag path is by using the Interactive Script Tester.

That was it. Forgive me if I am not explaining this good. We have too many tags in the PLC that are very close to the same thing. I was making a mistake there and also in the SQL Tag Browser. It was a minor hyphen as well as full caps that was throwing me off. It seems to work now.