Can't find "Label" in Tag Events Scripts - Alarm active

Good afternoon,

I’m trying to send an email when one alarm is active. I’m able to do that working on the “Tag Event Scripts → Alarm Active” of the alarm tag that I’ve to check.

Now I would like to put in the body some information about the alarm, but I can’t find how to put in the text the “Label” (where I have the description on that alarm).

In the argument already presents I can’t find it.

Thanks for the help.

Do you mean ‘send an email when alarm transitions to active’ ? If that’s the case, then alarm notifications pipelines are probably a better place to handle this than tag event scripts. I’m pretty sure the label is available there.

Yes that’s what I mean.

At the moment we don’t have the alarme notifications pipelines module, they ask me to make some test just to try and eventually will think about the new module.

Thanks for the help

This should get it for you.

	labelPath = '{}/Alarms/{}.Label'.format(tagPath, alarmName)
	label = system.tag.readBlocking([labelPath])[0].value

Thank you very much for the help, that’s exactly what I need!

Have a nice day

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