Cant find tags via Scan Class

How can I find this tags? … 13837e.jpg
If there are no one found: … 596a15.jpg

Are both screen shots using the same Tag Provider?


Untick the “is Historical” and “Is Alerted” and search again, they should show up.

I have only one Tag Provider.

I tried different options like “alerted” and “historical”. Same result.

Hmm. :scratch: I couldn’t get anything to show up until I had picked an OPC Server.

Export out the tag database to CSV and search that way?

Do you have any User Data Types that you’ve created that are using that Scan Class as a default? Maybe they’re not showing up because they’re inheriting the scan class.

Tried to export but searching is without any result.

I have 2 UDT and i checked them and they instances. They have another scan class.