Can't get OPC devices to connect after Backup-Restore

I recently restored a backup to a new instance of Ignition–I restored it “disabled” to ensure I wouldn’t get duplicate database entries from my SQL Bridge projects.

However, I am ready to enable things but I can’t get any OPC devices to connect after enabling. Nothing about the connections has changed between the Ignition instance that’s working and this one.

Is there something I missed enabling? (I’ve enabled the OPC Server and that is running, just can’t seem to reach any devices.)

Probably an IT issue.

Did you enable Ignition’s loopback OPC connection? (Ignition is a client to its own built-in server.) Restore “disabled” disables everything.

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Yep! That’s enabled.

I pinged the devices in question and couldn’t reach them (should have done that from the beginning).
Seems like a firewall issue on our side.

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