Can't get to Report Designer from right clicking on the Report -> Customizers -> Report Designer


I haven’t used a Report object in a while, but I don’t get a popup Report Designer window anymore. I’m trying to find where an existing report is getting it’s data from, but I don’t see a Data binding.

It looks like the report designer is built into the IDE. When I go the Data tab of the new designer, it looks like a script is created to browse data, but I don’t know from whence the function is called. Is there a table preview feature like there is for a Table or Power Table? Is there a way to easily see data that will be used in a report?

I can’t find what I’m looking for both in the docs and Inductive U.

It sounds like you haven’t used Reporting in a while – we did a major upgrade of the Reporting module in (I think) Ignition 7.8, which means a whole new workflow.

The easiest way to see what’s different about reporting (because there’s a lot that’s been changed) is to take a quick run through of the free classes on reporting at Inductive University.

You’ve discovered the Data tab – if you click over to the Design tab you will be able to design your report, and if you click to the Preview tab, you will be able to preview it before binding your finished report to the report viewer component.

I definitely encourage you to watch the videos or go through the docs, because we made a lot of changes that make reports so much more powerful. It does mean you’ll have a little bit of a (re)learning curve, but the investment of your time should be worth it.