Can't get two decimal point format in subtotal table?

Using Ignition 7.9.1.

I have a table of values, and underneath, it a table that has custom properties that sum up different columns in the main table, and then uses the custom properties in a Cell Update function to display the subtotals. One column in particular is not showing the cents.

Now on first observation I noticed the column was kept in the databse as a INT, but I’ve since changed that to match the other columns, a decimal(11,2) type.

The custom property that calculates it is as follows try( sum({Root}, "leftMargin" ) ,0) which the cell update is bound to.

The table customizer property has $#,##0.## as a the number format. What else could possibly be preventing this from shownig 2 decimals in my subtotal table?

The hash marks in the number format mean “don’t show leading/trailing zeros”. Change your format to $#,##0.00.

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