Can't import all my OPC tags

Nothing posted so far suggests this is anything other than that @bchristenson hasn’t scrolled down far enough in his Tag Browser (the one on the left) to see the rest of the tags he dragged in…

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Yeah, I mean that checkbox, but what pturmel commented also works to do essentially a reset.
Kevin.Herron is also right, I guess we don’t see the entire list of your tags in the OPC browser, but theoretically, by dragging in CIP, shouldn’t all the tags be created?

i have checked if they weren’t any place else

You can see CIP.CB at the bottom. Wasn’t that one of the tags you highlighted as missing?

I think I’m confused as to what is missing and what isn’t. Can you export the CIP data type from your PLC so I can try and implement it here quick?

I’ll use this as example since this is the one i need to use right now. CIP1.Circuit has subtabs from CIP1.Circuit.0-15
Ignition shows Circuit but not the .0-15 that’s what i can’t find

And I can manually make all the subtabs in ignition and it will recognize them in the plc but that can’t be the way to do that for all of your tags right?

Oh, you are looking for the bits of the word. Those won’t drag and drop if their parent word is included. You can drag them individually, or you can manually create boolean tags in Ignition with the specific bits you need. Ignition can’t read your mind to identify which integers you are going to use only as integers, and which ones you intend to address bit by bit.


By the way, you should not be dragging everything from the PLC over to Ignition tags unless you are going to actually use every item in your displays and/or scripts. It adds communications load on the driver, and blows up your tag database.