Can't install Ignition Maker Edition

Hi all,

I’m having troubles installing Ignition Maker Edition.
I get to the part where I can chose the version of Ignition I want to install and it shows the three versions (maker, Ignition and edge) but in the Maker option there is no button for me to choose it.

I’ve tried with the installers 8.0.14 and with the nightly 8.0.15 and the same thing happens with both.
It’s a brand new virtual machine and it has nothing installed in it.

The virtual machine is a Windows Server 2012 R2

Any suggestions ?
Thanks !!!

What browser is that? You may need to use something more recent.

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You are so good !!!

I haven’t realized that it has Explorer as a default browser.
I open it on chrome and there it is!

Thanks Kevin !!! Now it works