Can't Launch Client on Ignition Gateway PC

I am having an issue launching a client on the PC where Ignition is installed. I can launch the same client successfully from the Gateway homepage from another PC on the network. I have tried launching directly from the Gateway homepage and also from the clientlauncher.exe application with no success.

The PC with the Ignition Gateway installed is running Windows 7 64-bit version. The Ignition version is 7.8.1 32-bit version. The Java version is 1.8.0_74 32-bit. It seems that Ignition is running fine.

When I was trying to launch the clientlauncher.exe application I was immediately getting a dialog saying Java Runtime 1.6 was required. This seemed odd since I had Java 1.8 installed. I have just installed Java 1.6 32-bit version on this PC and the clientlauncher.exe application will start and I can select a project to start. It then does nothing apparent, but there is a hs_err_pid*.log file created in the directory where the clientlaucher.exe file was located. I have attached an example of the hs_err_pid*.log file. I haven’t been able to tell much from it. Perhaps someone else has encountered something similar. I would really appreciate any help with this issue as running a Client on the PC where the Ignition Gateway is installed is somewhat critical for our application.

How much memory do you have allocated to the project in project properties of the designer? What happens when you try to launch from the gateway homepage? Do you see the Java splash screen and then nothing else happens?

It seems this issue was related to a problem with the Java installation. It seems for Windows 7 Service Pack 1 is required to allow Java to install successfully. After installing the Service Pack we were able to install Java and Ignition and things seem ok now.