Can't launch perspective session from designer

Since updating to b20190322509, clicking Tools>Launch Perspective>Launch Session does not launch a perspective web session. Nothing appears in the console output or the wrapper log to indicate any sort of problem - just no action at all. Is this a bug, or just something specific to my machine? Sessions can still launch fine using the iOS app.

Did you highlight Perspective in the tree on the left first? I know I was confused once before I knew that the launch items change depending if you are developing Perspective or Vision.

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@ASF: Are you seeing “View not Found”, or is no action being taken at all when you select Launch Session?

To help us determine if your environment could be an issue (doubtful if it worked previously) we could start with some basic info about the environment; what OS (with version), and what “default” browser are you using?

@jhottell yes I have perspective selected. The options are all just as they were before, when it was working.

@cmallonee no action is being taken at all, other than the designer loses focus as if something else has opened - but there’s no trace of anything else opening. I’m on Windows 10 v1809 build 17763.316. My default browser is firefox, which is already open displaying the gateway config (previously it would open and switch to another firefox tab as you’d expect). None of these have recently changed (unless W10 did a sneaky update on me while I was out of the office last week - the “Installed On” date under the Windows version in settings>about says 19/2, which would indicate there have been no updates for over a month, but I’m not 100% certain on whether that date changes for minor Windows updates or not.

What happens if you go to the Page Configuration panel (the gear icon in the bottom left of the Main Design Panel), right-click an existing configured url and select “Launch URL”? And you mentioned the wrapper log, but is there anything in the Gateway logs?

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Launch URL works. And, having launched that way, the Launch Session menu item now works as well. Odd!

I am using windows 10 version 1903(OS build 18362.145).
My chrome version is 83.0.4103.116(Official Build)(64 -BIT)
I am still having the issue as of 26 June 2020

And is Chrome the “default” browser in use in the environment? The only time we’ve seen this behavior is when a user does not have a default browser specified for the profile.

Edit: I need to amend that previous statement. You will also be unable to launch a Perspective Session if you have not specified a Page configured with a URL of / AND have not correctly applied a View to be used as the primary View of that Page. Please note that typing the path of a View does not qualify - you must select a View with the supplied dropdown input.

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Worked. Chrome was not my default browser