Can't login to perspective application

I originally created the project to have Administrative as user source,
since I intend this project to be accessed by a user base, I created a new User Source called Client_Users. I created a user and gave it a manager role.
In my project I changed the user source and under permissions gave its role permissions,
I still can not log in.
I can only login from administrative users, but the project is clearly configured for the new User source Client_Users.

Any idea what might be happening?

Are you requiring the user to be “Authenticated” to access the project?

If so then you are checking that against an Identity Provider (not a User Source)

If you look in the gateway webpage, under security, for Identity Providers

You can create one, select Ignition to host it, and then point it to a user source in the configuration page (In your case you would point it to Client_Users)

After you do this, in the designer, when you are setting the project property to use your user source, above that you would set it to use your new Identity Provider as well. Update your gateway, and start a new perspective session (may need to close and reopen it)

Now when you try to login with the management user, it should hit the Identity Provider, get Redirected to your Client_Users user source, and then let you in the application.