Can't open Ignition

l have successfully running two projects on Ignition but I have been using an Apple iPod and a regular laptop for it. We recently bought four computers to replaced the current laptops, however, when I installed the computers its not opening up either of the projects (but I’m able to ping and see the Ignition Screen and the list of the projects).
Its giving me an error “Missing permission manifest in main Jar”. What should I do?

What version of Inition and Java?

When I was at v7.2.x, I had to lower security in the Java 7 settings.

The permissions check started with Java 7, update 51. Starting with (IIRC) Ignition 7.6.4, we’ve taken care of the permissions check.

So the possible solutions are to downgrade Java, upgrade Ignition, or lower your security level (only do this as a last resort).

Is Java 6 still available for download or do I have to go to the settings and change it?

If I do upgrade Ignition, will that affect the rest of my computers? Because if its not, I rather upgrade Ignition and get Java 7 in all the new computers.

I have quite a few clients at Java 6. Upgrading Ignition shouldn’t be a problem.