Can't open project designer. Help!

I just broke something. This is on version 8.1.1 running under Linux (Ubuntu)

I was cleaning up my GW and did things like:

  • Delete unused data providers
  • Delete unused DB connections
  • Renamed the main project to reflect the customer’s site
  • Deleted the Ignition Sample project (that was created on installation)

I went to get back into the project and found that I couldn’t. What happens is:

  1. I open the designer launcher
  2. I select the GW instance (which hasn’t changed)
  3. I select “open designer”
  4. The Ignition Designer log in appears
  5. I enter my credentials and hit “login”
  6. The dialog box goes away and … nothing

On the GW Status, under Connections it shows that for Designers that I currently have 3 sessions open (from my last 3 attempts to open a designer). Each session shows a blank for the Project Name.

I have tried a full reboot of the GW, but that did not solve my problem.
I can see 2 GW event scripts that are successfully running under the new project name.
My wrapper.log (see attached) (17.3 KB) is full of “Error during processing error message” and “unexpected exception when handling another exception: Header was already written to response!” entries

My best guess is that the project rename upset something that has been cached, but not cleaned out on a reboot. So should my next steps be?

Look at the log for your launcher and look for the final java command that is run for the designer itself. Run that complete command in a terminal so you can watch its errors. That should help narrow it down.

I’m afraid you’ll have use smaller words. Where explicitly should I be looking?

On a Windows machine the log is located at:

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I only I was using Windows! I’m on Linux

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Well, Ubuntu. So ~/.ignition.....

Edit: And the designer launcher’s log, not the client launcher.

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I found the log. All there seems to be in is some Info messages and the command line used for what looks like all my attempts to run the designer launcher. Nothing that screams “error”

Try running the last ‘Starting Java with…’ in the command line.

That gets me the login dialog (where I enter my credentials) and then nothing more (same as it ever was - Talking Heads reference there)

Okay, so if no error shows up in the terminal, I’d try deleting the contents of the cache folder. This will get you a fresh copy of whatever is on the gateway.
(Yes, I know I’m showing a Windows screen.) :roll_eyes:


After making a full GW backup I deleted everything the cache directory, did a reboot, opened the designer launcher (and noticed that this time it went through some additional steps), logged in and … ended up in the state. There is a designer session on teh GW but nothing visible launched.

I just did a clean install of Ubuntu, then Ignition 8.1.1 and then restored the GW backup from after I had the issue. I still have the same problem. So it seems that the issue is the GW backup itself.

Now I’m thinking that I need to go back to yesterdays backup and redo what I did today. :angry:

Some success. I just restored yesterday’s backup and I can open it. Now to remember what I did this morning :roll_eyes:

It wasn’t too hard to replicate the changes from my last backup.

However after realizing how “delete happy” I had been, I decided to build a completely new system from the ground up - Operating system, SQL Server and Ignition, and then import all my project related stuff.