Can't open styles with hyphens or underscores

This is in 8.1.15, Perspective, Linux

I created a style with a hyphen in it, closed it and then found I couldn’t open it again. I experimented with various style names and discovered that if I had a hyphen or underscore in the name that I couldn’t open them. But if those characters didn’t exist then I could open them:

Screen Shot 2022-04-26 at 10.37.49 AM

EG I can open “PanelHeader” and “TheStyle”, but can’t open “Panel-Header” or Panel_Header"

I thought that this was strange, as I have an 8.1.3 installation with the “simplequickstart” project installed, and it has styles with underscores and hyphens in them, and I can open those styles:


I think using a hyphen in the style class is IA’s best practice. I’m on 8.1.16 and don’t see the issue you described. I upgraded from 8.1.15 a little while ago and didn’t see it on that version either.

It’s weird. It can’t be my mouse clicking technique as I can reliably open the non-hyphenated etc styles.

What OS are you running under? I’m running this under Linux

Win10x64. I had issues the other day where views and styles were doing weird things. I rebooted and it went away. Maybe you have something is la la land.

Apparently this was not the stability that I was looking for.

I also just saw:

[Bug] Perspective View Unexpected Behavior (Loss of Cut/Copy/Paste)

Where rebooting was also the solution

Any errors in the designer console when this happens/was happening?

Sorry, I didn’t even think to look

If you see it happen again, please do - usually in these kind of “it just does nothing” cases there’s actually an error being thrown and trapped, but usually we’re at least putting those into the logs.