Can't open the exported file


I exported a project file from ignition and uploaded the .proj file to another server. But when I try and open the file I’m having an error. Below is the error I’m having. I don’t know what I did wrong, suggestions are very much welcome. Thank You :slight_smile:

What version of Ignition was the project originally in? And, what version of ignition are you trying to open it in?

The version of ignition I’m using is 7.5.0 while the ignition I’m uploading it to is 7.4.2 (b953) could it be because of that?

Yes, you need to upload it to 7.5 or newer. Most recent release is 7.5.1

Oh I see, thanks. I’ll update it now and see what happens.

Thank You

No problem :smiley:

Just one question, I am doing it right, right? I export the project and then the .proj file is the one that I upload to another server. That is correct, right?

yes, that is correct. However, if you do a .proj restore, you will not be restoring the tags or gateway setting. If you do a .gwbk (gateway backup) this will restore everything from the other machine. You will retain the tags, gateway settings, etc. A word of caution, restoring a gateway backup will overwrite everything that is currently on that gateway.

is there any other way to fix this problem without updating the ignition?

Unfortunately, no.

You are not able to restore projects from a newer version of Ignition to an older version of Ignition.

oh okay. thanks again :slight_smile: