Can't pass object from popup to flex repeater

I'm trying to use an object parameter to change labels on a popup from a flex repeater instance.

Here's my popup. It itself has a flex repeater and uses an object in the parameters to pass values to each display. I've tested the object at this point and can successfully change the individual labels with the object.

Next is my flex repeater component. It has a popup button that I click to call the popup. I made sure to bind the popup parameter to a parameter within the view.

Here's my final flex repeater. I pass that parameter that I bound to the popup to each instance in the flex repeater, but it doesn't effect the popup when I click on it.

Any help is much appreciated! Thanks!

Most likely because you're binding to the params.popupPram in the popup. Not sure why you're doing that, but that's going to overweite whatever you supply it with

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What should I bind it to? Can I not bind an object to an object? Maybe it's confusing cause the names are similar but the popupPram is an object coming from the view populating the popup and popupParam is an object coming from the view calling the popup.
I'm new to Ignition so I may just be missing something obvious.

This binding here shouldn't be there and the param should be set to input in the vast majority of cases, unless you want to pass the value out of the View.

What is it bound to at the moment out of curiosity?

Params are generally inputs you pass into a view and should not be bound to in the view template. Custom is where you would add internal props that you have bindings on

Ohhjhh gotcha. That was it!

So I originally create the parameters here.

Then I pull those parameters into this flex repeater component.

You were right I had those bindings reversed. I should have had the instances bounded to the parameters rather than the parameter bounded to the instance.

Thanks for the help!! :slight_smile:

I've asked others as well, but why are you trying to make your HMI look like an operator panel from the 1970s? The 7 ,/ 14 segment displays are much more difficult to read than regular fonts with their characteristic shapes and higher contrast. HMI design has moved on!


Haha well that’s a fair point! Right now I’m just trying to get this HMI working to show off as a concept, but I’ll spend some time later on the aesthetic part of it.
I’m curious, are there any good resources you know of for pre made style packs or sample dashboards I can use for inspiration? I’m not always the most artistic person so any templates would help!