Can't Publish New Mouseover Text

This is very easy but apparently I can’t figure it out. I’m having a strange problem publishing new mouseover text. I’m using graphics from Symbol Factory instead of most of the built-in constructs for things like buttons and other controls. Mouseover text was added to the control overlay instead of the button labels.

Weird thing is when I make a simple change to the mouseover text (for example, a button’s mouseover text was “OPEN/CLOSE” and I change it to “OFF/ON”) two things happen: It never gets saved once I close the window from Designer and it will never publish to the clients. The really bizarre thing is all other edits I do get published and saved correctly (moving graphics, adding constructs, resizing labels, new windows, etc.). Only mouseover text changes are not published or saved.

Using Ignition GW 7.6.4, Vision 6.6.4, Java 7r79. Any assistance appreciated.

  • Keith

That sounds like a serialization bug for those components. As a work-around, try binding a simple string expression to the mouseover text and see if that will publish.

Thanks, Phil, that was the clue. Bound properties were being used to create the mouseover text. In Designer, I could change it from the “Properties” dialog but when I published it the binding would kick in and re-write it. I ultimately edited all the bound properties to display the text I wanted.

  • Keith