Can't reach Gateway Home Page

Hi All,

I am unable to reach the Gateway Home Page from another computer in the same network and I can’t figure out why :frowning: .
The Gateway I’m trying to connect to has the following IP address, I’m in the same class ( and I can ping it.
The option “Allows this Gateway to be discoverable on your local network” is set to TRUE.
Windows Defender is disabled so I don’t think is an Anti-Virus issue.
Windows Network Sharing Options are all set to “Turn On”.

Any thoughts?

are you using port 8088?

Yes. Specifically this is the link

What about Windows Firewall? Your symptoms are classic firewall behavior.

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Yes! It was due to Window Firewall :rage:
Thank you for the suggestion :blush:
I’ll make a new Inbound Rule :wink:

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