Can't read Modbus TCP 32bit integer as single register

Ignition 8.0.4 on Ubuntu

There are 3rd party application data we need to access by Modbus TCP -
this is 32bit integers registers, as you see below

I can read this with Modbus scanner and data is OK (524503)

I try to do the same in Ignition in two ways:

  1. Adding tag (one) manually with any combination IRI, IRUI…

  2. Add one tag from Gateway web interface - > device - >Adresses

In both case, Client (i can see its console) recieve requests for two Registers 4096 and 4097 and answer, but Ignition tags cant reach proper value

Please help

Ignition’s Modbus driver doesn’t have any support for these 32-bit registers because they aren’t part of the Modbus spec. The only way to read a 32-bit value with the Ignition driver is to combine two 16-bit registers into a 32-bit value, which is what happens when you select Int32 or UInt32 datatype.

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Try changing the driver setting of “Reverse Word Order”, and possibly “One-Based Addressing”. What you show in the modbus scanner doesn’t correspond with the data shown in the Ignition tag browser.

This options don’t help