Can't read Tags from SIEMENS OPC server

Hi, I'm having some problems reading tags from SIEMENS OPC-UA Server.
I've configured an additional OPC connection for SIEMENS OPC server in ignition.
I've added tags to ignition and was able to read them.
After restarting the OPC-UA server on SEMENS PLC, I could no longer read any values on previously configured tags as well as see tag values using the OPC quick client on Ignition.
In order to exclude the PLC as the problem source, I've connected to it using a different OPC software and could see all tags.
After that, I've restored an older version of my project, configured again the OPC connection and could read tags using the quick client.
Is there any configuration I need to do on ignition in order to read the tags again?

Hello Anna_Goldberg,

When you restarted your Siemens OPC-UA server(and it started back up), did Ignition's OPC UA Client reconnect again? Were you able to test the Ignition Client Connection by edit/saving it?

Also, what was the tag value/quality errors for when trying to read the values after restarting the Siemens' OPC UA server? Can you share screenshots?

Hi, I've solved it already by setting the max per operation setting to 64. It was set to 8290 by default.

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Where you set this parameter?

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At the gateway

This sounds like familiar problems with the first versions of Siemens OPC Ua server. I assume it's a 1500. What firmware version?

Setting max per operation to 64 resolved this issue for me when connecting to a WinCC HMI OPC server.