Can't remove pre-installed 'Production' OPC server connection


This OPC server connection was created on my gateway when the Gateway was installed and I can’t get rid of it (possibly comes from another Ignition project such as the university file or the demo project?). It always shows as being in fault which shows up red on the gateway overview page… Fault is that the type ‘Production_ServerType’ doesn’t exist. What I wish is that it didn’t exist!

It only shows up in the OPC Servers status page and doesn’t show in the configuration, so I don’t know how to remove it.

That’s no good. Install the Production module on our downloads page. Once installed, you should be able to delete the OPC server connection. Then, of course, you can remove the module.

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Tried it on 7.97… Still unable to remove ‘Production’

Other Options?

FYI - Only ‘Production Simulator’ that was found was for SepaSoft v7.9.0

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Sorry for the confusion, but it looks like I misspoke in that last post. You’re looking for a module named “Production”, not “Production Simulator”. I corrected my last post for posterity.

Currently, it’s listed as a separate module, so you should be able to install the 7.9.7 Production Module, remove the Production OPC server connection, and then remove the Production module.

In the interest of posterity, earlier versions of the MES modules bundled the Production module along with other modules. Thus you could install the “Recipe-Installer” module, which would install the Recipe and Production modules.

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Does the faulted OPC connection cause any problems in performance, memory usage, or other resources? By removing this faulted module will I gain anything other than removing a nuisance error?

Error logging on its own can cause a performance decrease. If it’s logging often, and has big stack traces to log, it will slow down the server.

We’ve had quite a few cases in the past, where disabling, deleting, or fixing the connection to a DB or OPC server made the installation more responsive.



I’m currently trying to fix the same issue, but am having a difficult time finding the production module you reference. Do you have a link to the web page or download?


Edit: As per Paul’s advice, I found the sepasoft modules here, and downloaded the “Recipe-Installer” module. Allowed me to remove the Production server.

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I had this exact problem but now Sepasoft isn't a strategic partner anymore so you'll need to find the module HERE.

Is there something one can do in the internal DB to remove this, without needing to install something to remove it? Similar to this solution Remove Historical Tag Providers

I was able to find the connection under OPCSERVERS