Can't Remove TestData From a Table

I created a Table component and unchecked the TestData property and it populated my table with test data as expected. However, now I can’t check it back to false? It won’t allow me and I don’t where else it is bound.

How do I make it go away?


There is no “check it back to false”. If you click it again, it will populate the table with other random data.
If you want to empty the table o populate it with your data, you have to work with the Data property.There are two symbols next to this property (you can click on both of them ):
The first one is used to see the table’s Dataset. Here you can modify the data ( create columns/rows, edit/delate datas )
The second one is used to bind the property dynamicaly ( against a query, a tag etc… )

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All the Test Data property does is generate a random dataset and put it into your table’s data property. Every time you click that button, a new random dataset is generated. Once that data is generated, the table doesn’t know whether it came from your data or the generated data – it’s all just data to the table.

To make your table completely empty, you’ll need to delete the data from your table’s dataset. Or better yet, overwrite it with the actual data you want to use.

What’s confusing is there’s a “False” checkbox which doesn’t work.

Fom the Docs:

But now I know.

Thanks. Appreciate the help.