Can't Resolve Import ProviderConfiguration

Im trying to build a module and im getting build error. could you please guide me in the right direction. Not sure why its having a hard time with the ProviderConfiguration.


ny guidance is appreciated.

What does the dependencies section in your pom files look like?

Thanks for moving :slight_smile:
Here is a snap shot

What is the SDK version set to? and what command are you running to build?

Im trying “Maven Install”


Not sure that class existed, at least as part of the SDK, in 7.7. Try version 7.9.3.

That fixed it… is there a reliable way to find out at what version a class was added?

Mmm, not reliably. Are you trying to build a module for 7.7?

not specifically for 7.7, I just wanted to have the minimum i needed to cover all the latest versions.

on a separate note, now that the .modl is created and installed I get an error when opening designer saying missing designer.DesignerHook class. Do I need to have a designer class for a module?

Figured out the issue with designer hook, I had some left over code in build/pom for designer.

Thank you Kevin!